NFL denies report that Washington investigation recommends forcing a sale of team

The NFL’s investigation of the Washington Football Team has created much speculation as to its conclusions and implications. On Friday morning, it has sparked a skirmish regarding a reported recommendation and the league’s denial of it.

According to 106.7 The Fan in D.C., the NFL’s 130-page report recommends that owner Daniel Snyder be forced to sell the team.

The league denies that. According to Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, an NFL spokesman calls the report “absolutely false” and says that the league has received “no such report.”

Regardless of whether there’s a splitting of hairs or whether the report is indeed “absolutely false,” the investigation continues to loom over the franchise and the league. However it turns out, it’s critical for the NFL to make the report and all recommendations fully transparent. The issues are too important, and the lessons learned from the obvious misconduct in the organization (regardless of the consequences) will, or at least should, resonate throughout American workplaces.